Butt Spray

I use this concoction to wet home made cloth baby wipes, avoiding any reactions with the long list of ingredients in regular baby wipes. Since using this formula, my baby’s bottom has been rash-free. Not so when we used disposable wipes.


1 gallon water
4 small squirts of baby soap
3 drops Tea Tree Oil


Boil the water and let sit until cool. Transfer to a bottle – we use a re-purposed gallon water jug. Add the baby soap and Tea Tree Oil. Shake. I then fill up two peri bottles with the solution, one goes in my diaper bag, the other sits on the changing table. The jug sits on the floor by the changing table ready for when I need a refill (a gallon lasts me about 1 month). I squirt it on my baby and wipe off with a cloth wipe. It’s gentle, soothing and non-drying! Just what Dr. Mamma ordered!

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