A Breakfast Trick.

There’s a new sense of legitimacy ’round here – we sold our first 4 dozen eggs last week! W and I high-fived each other frequently, like two kids who have just mastered sliding down the Big Kid slide and then continue to do it, over and over and over. W put a notice up on the internal message board at work and they went like hotcakes! No more soliciting (ok, begging) for recipes that don’t taste like eggs but use an abnormal number of them (although a great college friend recently sent me a recipe for Magic Chocolate Flan Cake that uses dang near a dozen, which I am going to attempt soon). No more opening the fridge to find a shelf devoted purely to egg cartons. No, now we can cover food costs for the Chickie Ladies AND we’ll just have a few dozen on hand at any moment for our own purposes and house gifts!

We did it! Ok, the Chickie Ladies did it, but WE DID IT!!!

In celebration, I give you my greatest breakfast trick: Onion-ring contained fried eggs, for sandwiches (or not).

20140301_075709 Just slice an onion, making sure to make the equatorial slice thick (about ~1/3 inch thick), melt butter in a pan (a bigger pan than usual because the onion rings must lay flat), add the onion rings and let sizzle for a moment to get them stuck to the pan, then crack your eggs gently into each ring. If you let the onion cook on its own long enough, the white of the egg will remain contained in the ring. When cooked mostly through, flip. Voila. Perfect round egg-onion medallions to go on your breakfast sandwich.

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