Several of you have asked for pics of our new place – sorry for the delay! Here is an outdoor tour – inside pics to come. We’re aiming to do before and after shots, you know, to emphasize the back-breaking labor and painstaking aesthetic attention to decorating a la Young House Love. We do indeed have a Listy-McListerson of our own that is *pages* long. This weekend we are demolishing the kitchen. I’ll be cooking from the dining room for at least 2 weeks. Other than preparing for this big kitchen reno, we’ve mostly focused on some outdoor changes – expanding the chicken coop for our Chickie Ladies (and their new friends, including a roo), planting the first of many fruit trees and berry bushes, laying a path, cleaning up the shed (where a duck massacre had apparently taken place) and the grounds (oh my, was there a lot of trash). Inside, we have done a few plumbing fixes (all W), drawer repair, caulking, fridge installment. You know, typical little things that need to be done. The main affairs have been making decisions on what to do with the kitchen and unpacking boxes. So many boxes. Where did we acquire all this stuff? I thought I purged drastically when we were moving! Why didn’t we just abandon it at the storage unit? How did we ever live without a single closet or a clothes washer and dryer? We’ll never know the answers, but we’re sure glad to be HOME now.

The Front.
house front 1 House front

The Back.
house back House back 1

The Barn.
barn 1 barn

The Fields.
P1070089 P1070088