“DADADADADA!” WV Translation: “My dad was in the newspaper!”

On Father’s Day, our local paper ran an article about dads who stay/work at home. W was one of the featured fathers!!! A sweet reporter came over and spent about an hour with us, interviewing W about his experience as a work-from-home dad. You can see the full article here.

The night before I was frantic to get the house in some sort of “order,” as I like to say (i.e. not a freaking mess, dishes done, bathroom scrubbed). I had visions of a camera team and reporters converging upon us a la What About Bob? (start at 4:45, but if you want a blast from the past, watch the whole thing; I couldn’t stop laughing!). I pretty much succeeded in my cleaning efforts. To my chagrin, as soon as the nice reporter sat down, Izzy had a senior moment and pooped on the living room rug right at her feet! Oh, laws!, talk about full-on embarrassing, and so unlike sweet Iz. I freaked out, scooped up WV, cleaned it up, shoved Iz outside, all in a nano-second, but man, was I red. I entreated her not to put the episode in her article. She complied, and seemed unfazed; she had dogs. But really, r-e-a-l-l-y!?!

Overall, it was a nice experience – she asked us questions about how we structured our day (very little, but we still do 3 solid meals) and how it made us closer as a family (very much). It really helped us put into words how wonderful it is that Walter works from home. His commute is down the steps and into the home office, eliminating the hours lost and gas burned to go to work, if I’m in a situation where I need him (also usually involving poop), I can usually call for help and have it in a sec, and we get to be a family all together every day, eating meals together and giving WV all the love he deserves. Oh yeah, and he does actually get work done. He’s the most dedicated work-from-home person I’ve ever met!

Happy Father’s Day to all dad’s out there!!! WV has a pretty rad one!!!