Cyber Spring Cleaning

I spend more time on my computer than I like to admit – some significant portion of which includes deleting junk email. Just sifting through it in the morning is a daunting and unwelcome task. I worry about missing something of actual value. Also, I kid myself that I will heed the consumer-craving chants and save my butt boucoup bucks on stuff I actually don’t want or need – so I don’t delete them in hopes that they will “come in handy” later. But, in actuality, I don’t feel like buying ceramic cookware, bridesmaid dresses, comedy club tickets, what-have-you today or really ever, and certainly not on a regular basis! This barrage of spam (all my fault, I signed up at one point or another) clogs my brain and slows me down. It’s time to purge. So, I unsubscribed from over 30 websites that send me a frequent email (some twice daily, those succubuses!). Here’s a running (somewhat embarrassing) list of those who got cut, just to keep it real and to also check back in case I get a rogue email from one of them:

Refinery 29
Starr Hill Presents
Farm Fresh
All You
Rent the Runway
Toys ‘R Us
Babys ‘R Us
Healthy Touch
Mighty Nest
CMP Publications
Mother Earth News Online
Loverly – Like I really need to be tempted by BHLDN more…
Seraphine – No longer preggo, gotta go.
Beyond the Rack – Have already unsubscribed several times…grr
Organic Gardening – Didn’t sign up for these, although it sounds cool.
Swiftpage E/Pumpone – Seriously, no idea what this even was, glad it’s gone.
Outer Banks Sporting Events – Been getting theses since my first marathon!
Pinterest – I’m not that into pinteresting.
WHRO – I don’t need news about the news.
Prevention – What the heck is this?
Antiques Roadshow – I signed up to win tickets, not a mess o’ emails.
World’s Best Cat Litter – A little embarrassed about this one.
Project Feederwatch – Sorry birdies.
Food Lion – The worst email offender.
Zulily – Tied with the worst email offender.

It’s amazing the shameless groveling and lengths these companies will go to to orchistrate your unsucessful unsubscribing. Tricky pre-checked off buttons that say “It’s not too late to change you’re mind” and “On second thought, include me in promotional emails” that look like you’re doing something other than unsubscribing abound. Some show you the same screen twice, always with the options you don’t want checked…I’m assuming because they know how “double click” happy we all are…if you double click “save” you’ll be right back where you started…getting their emails. And almost all had the perennial “please click here to continue shopping.” I wasn’t shopping, thanks. No second thoughts and careless double-clicks here. Sayonara.

The ones I couldn’t bring myself to completely unsubscribe from because I do actually use their offers sometimes for sales, inspiration, and such (petfood, World Market, Groupon), I created a filter called “Almost Junk” in which they will be shunted. Then, if I have a mind to go buy something at Michael’s or order one hundred pounds of dogfood, I’ll check that folder for the most recent deals. I’m feeling cyber-lighter already!